How to change the oil on a Yamaha YZF R6
.. The engine oil level should be checked often.

Place the R6 … on a flat surface and a vertical position. A slight tilt to one side can cause a false reading.

… You can check cold to be sure there is enough oil in the scheme, but a very good time to check the oil after a tour, the cycle of cool a few minutes for oil to be resolved, it will be ready for next race.

… Remove the gauge is on the right side of the cycle and wipe it clean. Then insert the gauge in the dipstick hole without screwing in. .. Remove the dipstick and order once the oil level. The level of oil on the dipstick should be between the minimum and maximum level marks.

For good to get the oil filter, it is better to remove the coolant and cover the release of its “drain” pipes that you can see hanging at the base of coverage. Lift pipes on the road, or simply use a piece of string, and so forth. to hold in place and their return

. … ATTENTION study how the hood “extracted” under the bike, both front and rear of Cowling. The insert in the manual photo above is displayed in the next two image. Please note that while you drag the back cover before, with tabs and see clips below should reduce the rear of Cowling worked with is to free the tabs at the rear. Do not turn the role before or tabs displayed. After the hood is carefully spent behind the rear drop-down tabs to release, then the tabs before publication by carefully pulling outwards, and not rolling forward, which could cause the tabs. You must understand how the hood is installed before attempting to remove the front Cowling tabs are not broken.

.. This is the first change on the R6 and 2003 was conducted at 400 km after following rather modern “thoughts” on a break. Breaking in a new bike is a personal choice that must be taken into consideration. Hot / cold cycles have been used with each trip to several tracks going farther and farther to the band rpm, ending with a very short / quick break-in period. The oil was removed remarkably clean. “Cycle of Mobil 1 was used on this first oil change.
… Find a place that accepts their oil and procedure. Being environmentally friendly and disposal of old oil, coolant, tires, etc. .. correctly.

Replace the oil drain bolt.

… Installation of engine oil and tighten the bolts to 31 lb-ft or 43 Nm if you have a key and want to use. Typically, most engineers, however, is to close the drain plug, but not too tighten the bolt as the son is rather delicate and become accustomed to virtually all of fixation. When you replace the oil filter the basic rule is to strengthen and firm hand at the point of not completely “squashing” the filter seal or O-ring rubber down to the filter point becomes almost impossible to remove easily next time.
… Also, be sure to check for any damage to the drain bolt washing machine and replace if necessary. It is often a good idea to order several other drain bolt washers and have them on hand. This is not a bad idea to keep track of the common determination and the parties must be replaced May and later in obtaining spare parts on hand.
… Make sure you replaced the drain bolt!

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