2006 R6 Chassis Info

2006 Chassis Detail
Any new chassis with advanced YZR-M1 MotoGP technology
As the engine, the third generation R6 chassis is a completely new design which was developed using technology transfer from our YZR-M1 MotoGP bike. With sophisticated design elements never seen before on a Yamaha production, 2006 R6 is one of the most advanced motorcycles ever built by Yamaha. Any new framework Deltabox with resivsed rigidity balance
To maximize the potential of new high-performance short-engine, Yamahas designers have created an entirely new framework Deltabox aluminum, which was developed using technology Moto GP race. Like the last YZF-R1, this new framework is an advanced hybrid-type design which is composed of a number of interpreters and pressed aluminium components, and this composite structure is the key to its remarkable qualities . One of the main characteristics of this new design is its right Deltabox frame concept, in which our engineers have created a layout where the CEO, swing arm pivot and rear axle are in one plane. The fuel tank rails were designed to lie closest to the imaginary line joining these three points, and with the new engine positions, which has enabled our engineers to achieve the vertical and horizontal Torsional rigidity balance. Another direct spin-off from the YZR-M1 is the mass air system, which goes straight through the pipe R6 head, and who uses inside the frame that the air cleaner box. Fully adjustable upside down forks
The new upside down front forks are the most sophisticated front suspension ever mounted on a Yamaha plea, and are designed to give the rider a wider range of settings to suit a variety of road and racing status the track. The new forks are fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping, and for 2006, is a new 2-way compression adjustment amortization. This allows for a low-speed and high-speed compression damping settings to adjust separately, allowing riders to choose from a wide range of settings that are suitable for road and circuit riding. New and revised rear shock link design
To meet the new front suspension, new rear impact has also preload, compression and rebound damping adjustment, and also has a 2-way high-speed/low-speed compression adjuster according to the different conditions experience on the road and on the circuit. A completely new front braking system
Due to the considerable increase in the engine and chassis performance, the new R6 is equipped with a new braking system before. This new design retains double discs 310mm in diameter, and discs are mounted on the new aluminium brackets that reduce unsprung weight and help optimize the front wheel of gyro forcegyro time. The double stirrups mounted radially integrate some of the technologies listed on the YZR-M1 MotoGP bike. At the rear wheel diameter 220mm rear disc is hampered by a caliper compact operated by a new master cylinder that provides smooth and gradual. Radically new bodywork
A key feature of the new third generation R6 is compact and focused image. The design team began to realize what they described as “framework concentrated minimalism,” and they did so by concentrating machinery components bike around the center of gravity. This radical new look underlines the performance potential of agile this new class leader means. The design team for the second concept is “mass-ahead”, which accentuates the impression of the slot machine forward when food on the corners. This was achieved by the design of surfaces and lines so that they focus their attention on the front of the bike, which gives the R6 such a unique profile. The third concept is that of “pro spec quality,” in which a range of high specification components, such as mid-titanium mufflers, serve to accentuate the class-art technology used in the construction of the new A6. From Moreover, features such as the huge air intake emphasizes the high-performance machine, even when it is not in motion. New beam line “headlights and LED tail light
The new R6 is equipped with two new lines 12V 55W beam headlights this project a powerful beam and accentuate the predators look of the machine. And at the rear the R6 has a new lightweight LED tail light that blends seamlessly with the underside of the new slimline tail. HIGHLIGHTS technical chassis
• All new Deltabox aluminum frame with revised rigidity balance
• “Straight framework concept, with the head of direction, swing arm pivot and rear axle on a plan
• Truss box and swing arm type long
• New fully adjustable 41mm forks against 2-way compression damping
• New fully adjustable rear shock with 2-way compression damping
• Double 310mm diameter discs with radial-mounted front brake calipers
• Concentrated mass avant-body design

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