2003 Yamaha R6 Review Pt. 2

The view from the cockpit is clean and uncluttered, and the control panel is very compact and efficient. The white-faced tachometer is complemented by a change of light that lets you know it is time to choose another gear when he turns 14 years, 250rpm. The speed is digital and has a temperature gauge above and an odometer and tripmeter below. There is a trip of a few options available, and I even managed to find how to use the buttons to select and reset it cannot be too difficult. Below gauges is a row of warning lights, and the whole plot emits a warm glow in the night. Tres chic. The view from the mirrors is typical of a sport-based bikes, we must return to an elbow to get a good look beyond.
Accelerating the speed is fast if not fast, but once the legal limit on the small 6 off as a scalded cat and remain a downshift. Drop seconds at this speed and you’ll find yourself looking at the sky. Around the city, you can run the scheme as low as you want, and the perfect fuel injection is possible to open the throttle anywhere, anytime, without missing a beat. Of course, everything starts to occur much more quickly once you pass 8000 rpm, and the bike pulls hard to Redline.
(Editor’s note: Content Manager Ken Hutchison was briefly a sample test R6 bike to Bike Week, and he realizes that the Yamaha seems to be missing mid-range steam of the new CBR600RR and 636cc ZX-6R. Also , He adds, “The transmission was awkward and cantankerous. Compared to the ultra-slick trans CBR, Yamaha took with their pants here.”)
The footpegs are now 5 mm forward for a better distribution of weight in front. They are certainly high and the bars are low, but I found the race a package much more comfortable than I had thought it would be. You’re not going to want to go on tour on this thing, but do not despair if your favorite set of Twisties is just a few hours drive. I do not have much to keep an eye on gas mileage, although I can tell you that the fuel came on the light at about 120 km after severe abuse of gases in the desert canyons.
Thus, the new R6 is lighter (8 lbs.), More powerful and better research while costing the same $ 7999. This is certainly a bike better than his predecessor, but it has some stiff competition with the new ZX and CBR. The ultimate winner may be decided to ride until we these things back to back, which will have to wait until our 600 shootings.
Meanwhile, I went to get therapy, or at least a support group that can understand my upset discussions about changing lights, 16000 rpm, and secondly the power gear Wheelies. I am currently out of the separation anxiety that has plagued me since turning the bike back to Yamaha, and the need to hear the howling four-cylinder while the road is drawn to the fairing on fast forward.
I have nothing to prey can be mercilessly thrown into corners with such confidence, and I have nothing left prey to me so badly wanting more. But until my Yamaha dealer starts to take children or dogs on trade, I guess I’m stuck with Red Bull.

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