2010 R6

After last year’s crazy color schemes, we were surprised by how subtle and easy the 2010 Yamaha YZF R6 is. No more crazy graphics, Bright Magenta and Burnt Orange, giving us the traditional striking blue and white, black or popular all white models. The two tone R6 uses subtle color designs, a grey pinstripe and grey-striped wheels to compliment instead of showing off the R6’s origamilike folds, making a finilized 2010 r6 sportbike that feels like a very polished flagship. We think the 2010 R6 is a better show of Yamaha than the crazy eyed, overweight R1. Sure, there’s some kind of akward feather theme on the black bike, but we’re hoping that’s an option.

Besides the colors, the 2010 Yamaha R6 gets minor tweaks including a remapped ECU, revised YCC-I intake funnels and airbox as well as a new exhaust length increase of 100mm. So you are wondering just what all this means? Just more middle-of-the-rpm-range power. While the increase in mid-range power will be great for track and daily riding, we’re just happy to see Yamaha give Americans a great 2010 r6.

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